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Beauty of Korea 116.8 * 72.7 (Mixed media on canvas)

Beauty of Korea 116.8 * 72.7 (Mixed media on canvas)


- Sing the aspirations of the people through
the Arirang-US South Korea
The ever changing colors of light caused by the change of seasons practices and Korea for years has been giving its own interpretation of the landscape work by its own nature. Away from the traditional image of Impressionism through the intense visual changes and two opposing shaped by the screen split was to sing the beautiful strong Korea. In a split-screen without accurate figures it was expressed in the form of an omission and simplification. In order to emphasize the inner box aesthetic, rather than objective facts using the primary colors of the complementary color contrast and ohbangsaek in was representing the Beauty of Korea dance moves energy of the universe it is radiating and strong energy light is propagated in the world to spread the beauty of Korea will.
Red symbol at the bottom of the work under the regular breathing of the people in the land, and the symbol of the triangle is a symbol of the natural colors of the season. Expression comes from a mixed tinge of color was an abstract rhythmic musical elements.
The implication of the finding of the image of Korea expressed intangible cultural heritage crew, Nongak, Bongsan escape, including Dokdo, and was working as a long-cherished desire of the origin of nations.
And to the recent sublime music to painting, I sought while working represent a binary one and lives Core referred to infatuation to gukakin folk hanohbaeknyeon, cheongchunga ship afloat, inside the same guseol twisted all earthen vessels of ordinary people, such as the Arirang and the heart comes from the Buddhist music . While the work is going to melt musical inspiration in the works is brushed off the dance joyfully gyeowo chudeut find a way of fire-up the journey. The painful history of the Korean people can talk to me and NURBS, and the Republic of Korea as well as the hi Musa origin, and the origin and wangsaeng paradise for young souls sacrificed by sinking an accident call the years, I want to work with this.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2016
  • Size : 97(W) x 116.8(H) inch
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 31

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2016. 01. 31